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What are they?

The national government has set high expectations for pupils in our country. 

Each year group has a set of non—negotiables that children and all adults should know. These are basic expectations that must be mastered for a child to be at age-related expectations (are). They usually include targeted spellings, essential punctuation, basic maths facts etc. 

The national curriculum requires us to try and develop children's mastery of a range of skills and knowledge appropriate to each year group. We talk about a child being at age-related expectations (are) if they are reaching this required standard.

Our curriculum ensures that we deliver the national curriculum with rich, real-life experiences and offer our children a broad and balanced curriculum. We are trying to equip our children to be confident and automatic in this criteria. We look for ways for children to apply these basic skills across the curriculum.

The non—negotiables are designed so that parents have a clear understanding of what the expectations for their children are.

We suggest you use these at home as a tool for you and your child to know what is necessary for their reading, writing and maths. Stick them on your fridge, near the space they complete home learning or in their bedroom as a useful point of reference.

Click below to view the non-negotiables – a range of targets each child must achieve by the end of the year for your child's year group. 

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