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We aim that children at Woodlands will have the ability to adapt their mathematical techniques and strategies to a variety of situations, problems and challenges with growing fluency, mathematical knowledge and enjoyment. They will be able to articulate their ideas and thoughts using a range of mathematical language, in a reasoned and logical manner.

We aim to achieve this by providing a rich and diverse mathematical curriculum that makes links across mathematical concepts and all other curriculum subjects where possible. Children will have the opportunity to learn maths in a range of contexts and environments.  We use the Herts for Learning ESSENTIAL maths planning which promotes a strong understanding and progressive development of the subject by teaching through the use of CPA (concrete, pictorial and abstract development). Equivalence plays an important role in helping our children understand the principles of maths.


Please click on the link below to have a look at the long term planning for the Essentials Maths for all year groups.

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The Essentials maths is a spiral curriculum allowing children to revisit learning from previous year groups to allow reconsolidation of learning. The planning also provides ‘destination questions’ which help clarify children’s understanding of the learning.
This allows us to provide effective intervention when needed.

Fluency and times tables

We also deliver daily fluency and times tables sessions to support children with their learning in maths.
Fluency sessions are fun, fast paced, exciting lessons which are also known as maths meetings to our children. These sessions are delivered to help children remember and reconsolidate learning which has already taken place in class.
Please watch the video below to see a maths meeting in progress (fluency session):

Our daily times table sessions are exciting and competitive lessons to support children in remembering their times tables. During these sessions, children play a variety of games and take part in different activities to help them remember their key fact. A personal favourite for the children at Woodlands is ‘Around the World’.

Teaching and Learning of Maths

To find out more about how we teach maths ‘The Woodlands Way’, please have a look at our Teaching and Learning of Maths in Woodlands Policy

At Woodlands, our vision is to ensure all children will leave with an enthusiastic, excited and confident approach to maths. We believe in enabling them with the mathematical skills to achieve throughout their life time.