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Aims and Vision in Literacy

At Woodlands, children will experience quality opportunities to listen to, read and write about a range of different genres.

In Speaking and Listening, children will become active listeners who develop their visualisation skills, subsequently enhancing their imagination and in turn, supporting their reading and writing skills. Children will enjoy recalling, questioning and exploring information and will be able to communicate their ideas and thoughts clearly, developing an awareness of their audience in order to interject when appropriate and maintain eye contact and positive body language.

Children will develop an appreciation of reading by becoming confident in using a range of decoding, comprehension and inference skills. They will be able to respond to a range of texts with their own views and opinions. Through quality teaching, children will be given skills that will enhance their reading; particularly when using expression and punctuation in a text. They will be given rich opportunities to read a range of different texts out loud to an audience. 

In writing, children will draw on their experience and skills learnt through quality opportunities in Speaking and Listening and Reading to write for different purposes.  Our aim is that children at Woodlands will become confident, able, independent writers who enjoy and understand the structure, purpose and forms of writing and can apply these skills to adapt their writing to different audiences.  Children will be able to express themselves in a variety of different ways using their knowledge of Standard English, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and clear handwriting, to allow their ideas to be recorded successfully and their writing to flow. As a result of experiencing a range of texts and genres, children will develop an awareness of the author's intentions; this will underpin their ability to write for effect with an awareness of the reader.

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