Year Four

Hello and welcome!


My name is Mr Kenny and I am the Year 4 teacher and I will be working with Mrs Kumar this year to ensure that your children reach their full potential. We are very excited to welcome the new children into our classroom and we are confident that over the year they will develop into well-rounded happy individuals.


Over the next term we will focus on helping the children become independent learners with the confidence to speak out in class and take risks in their learning. This will be coupled with an environment built on mutual respect and enjoyment. We will also display the children’s work on our walls to give them an opportunity to have ownership over the classroom. The children will continue to have a lot of experimental learning opportunities – whether this is by visiting exciting places or inviting guest speakers, dancers or theatre groups to help bring the children’s learning to life.

This term we shall be learning about:

Reading and Writing Poetry

  • The children will learn how to read, write and perform poetry

Mountains and Volcanoes

  • Including finding out about how volcanoes are formed and what causes eruptions

The Anglo-Saxons

Learning about The Anglo-Saxons and the Celts and their influence on settlements in the United Kingdom today


  • Personal economic wellbeing
  • Belonging - Hindu teaching about God


  • Basic phrases, and Time

Children are always expected to act in accordance to 'Mr  Kenny's Three R's' in order for each child to feel valued, proud and happy within not only the classroom, but the school as a whole.

1. Respect yourself

2. Respect others

3. Respect the environment

The ethos of our class is to 'always try your best'. The children are encouraged to complete work to their highest standard and to always look for opportunities to improve upon what they have produced. The children are set targets to help them focus upon the next steps in their learning journey. Having clear expectations means that the pupils know what areas they need to focus upon. We use a variety of reward systems to encourage the children - our ' Spelling Chain' being one which particularly inspires the children to put maximum effort into learning to spell.

Furthermore, the children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities.  All pupils take part in sports twice a week.  This term our focus will be on traditional swimming and indoor athletics.  Over the course of the next two terms, all of the children get the opportunity to take part in extra curricular events such as speed stacking, indoor athletics and science events; where they meet with, and compete against, other schools from the local area on a friendly basis. These events really help to build self-confidence within the children.  Hopefully they will leave Year 4 with many happy memories to take with them into their adult life. 


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