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!A big, warm welcome to reception!

Meet the Team 

There are four members of staff in Reception - Miss Day,  Mrs Davies, Mr Mole who teaches the class every Tuesday and Mrs Dickson who teaches the class every Friday morning. The children are supported by all adults within the classroom.

 Mr S Mole

Reception Teacher (Tuesday)


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to the start of the spring term. We hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas break. Our timetable is rather full heading into the New Year but follows a similar structure to last term. The children will be introduced to phase 3 sounds and new tricky words in phonics and will continue to focus on blending CVC words to read. They will also be encouraged to use their developing phonics skills to write simple sentences, which will be modelled regularly in shared writing. The children will also take part in guided reading sessions, which will be more focused on their needs and help to develop their reading skills in small groups. They will also continue to build their maths skills through interactive lessons. 

 The children will continue to develop their learning through play and will have a balance of adult led and self-chosen activities as per last term.


We would also like to welcome Mr Mole to the Reception team, who will be teaching the class on a Tuesday.

Please remember, any questions, please feel free to speak to any one of us. 


Reception - Long term plan 


In Reception, we aim for all children to become independent learners who are happy to attend school each day. We encourage children's inquisitive minds and ensure opportunities are provided to enhance children's learning development through their interests. We hope for every child to be a confident learner who enjoys challenges and learning new things. 


Our Classroom 


 Here is a video of our classroom.


As you can see, there is a huge variety of resources in the classroom and we teach the children to "choose it, use it and put it away" once they have finished.




The classroom is split into different areas of learning with a variety of resources in each to help give children different learning experiences. They can use these experiences to help build on existing and new concepts, to extend their knowledge and understanding, with effective scaffolding from the staff.


Child-initiated and adult-led learning is balanced within the class timetable, giving the children opportunities to choose their own learning and challenge themselves. Observations of the children are undertaken by the staff and used to provide stimulating challenges and activities in the classroom, using both the inside and outside learning environments. 






We strongly believe that parents have an invaluable contribution towards their own child's learning, and work cooperatively to create good links between home and school. Each week we send home information of what the children have been doing at school via Dojos, with some activities to complete at home with their parents to consolidate their learning. We encourage parents to share things that may go on outside of school, such as a celebration or achievement for their child. This continuous communication is key to ensuring the best outcomes for children. 


We are very approachable staff, so please do not hesitate to come and ask us any questions you may have!


Reminders for Parents/ Carers 


Return reading packs and homework packs to school.

Library -  Please ensure books are in bags to return. 


Reading Packs and Homework packs will be sent back home.

P.E Day - Please ensure your child has their P.E kit.

Learning Journals

Please access your child's learning journal where you can keep up to date with what your child has been up to, as well as their progress or next steps. There is also an option for parents to add their own observations of their child, as well as comment on observations completed by staff. 




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