Year Three

Welcome to Year 3!

Miss Islam, Mrs Franklin, Miss Rattigan

Miss Islam (Class Teacher)
Mrs Franklin (Teaching Assistant), Miss Rattigan (Teaching Assistant)

My name is Miss Islam and I am the Year 3 teacher.  I will be working alongside Mrs Franklin and Miss Rattigan to ensure that Year Three have a great learning experience.  We will work together to create a safe and stimulating environment for the children to learn in.  As a team, we have high expectations of the pupils to support their learning.  We want children to adopt a love for learning and to do this will ensure that learning is fun and motivating.

Year Three comes with new challenges and opportunities for children to experience when covering the various topics we will learn about. This will sometimes require us to work quietly and independently, concentrating hard on the task ahead; other times we are more lively, working together in teams or chatting to our learning partner. The children are encouraged to try their best at all times. 

This term we will be learning about traditional tales in Literacy where children will have the opportunity write their own but with a twist! We will also look at instructional texts which the children will read and follow, the children will also write their own instructions of how to make a sand which  - which they will make as part of the D&T curriculum.  Maths will have a huge focus on times tables and we will also be exploring fractions. How many fractions of the pizza would you have? As part of our topic Year 3 will be experiencing their very own Romans Day where they will have the opportunity to dress up and have a true experience of the Roman day to day lifestyle. Year 3 will also be visiting Hazard Alley where they will learn about health and safety which links into our Science. 

Our classroom is full of happy, smiling, friendly faces; friends that care about each other and teachers that help and support everyone.  When we’re not in our classroom you might find us out and about learning in our school grounds or further afield on exciting school trips! We love to learn and find about new things.

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