Year Six


Welcome to Year 6!

Mrs Branigan and Mrs Khanna are enjoying teaching Year 6 and are looking forward to an exciting Spring Term.  Our topic is South America and we will be focusing our studies on Brazil. The "Words in the Wood" Borehamwood literacy project will be running just before half term with an author visit and book study, and a celebration event later in the term.

 Mrs Khanna and Mrs Branigan

In Year Six, the staff - Mrs Branigan and Mrs Khanna will continue to work closely together as a team to ensure consistent high expectations of learning, behaviour and teamwork and to encourage positive learning attitudes ensure that the children use the four 'R's in their learning:

Resilient learning -  perseverance and  having-a-go;

Resourcefulness - using independent strategies such as selecting resources or using research sources;

Reflective learning - looking back at work and seeing how it can be improved, as well as learning from mistakes;

Reciprocal learning - learning from discussion with others and respecting the opinions of other people.    

Our Class Dojos let you know when the children are using these skills to be the best they can be.

They will also have more responsibility over their learning and within the school, with several of the class running the School Council or representing the school as prefects.             

We find that the best way to learn is to do so whilst having fun!  The children will use hands-on learning, workshops and trips to inspire them in their work.                     

The children are set homework on a daily basis and generally have at least two evenings to complete this.  It is really important that parents encourage their children to complete the homework on time and to a good standard. We will be using some of the homework within our lessons so it is important that it is brought in for them to work from. Homework reinforces what we have been learning in school or allows the children to research a new topic.  As well as supporting the children in their learning, it also helps hugely to prepare them for secondary school.  If your child is ever struggling to complete their homework, please come and talk to one of us.  We certainly don't want homework to become a battle at home and we can help support in this area if needed.  

A large element of Year Six is preparing the children for secondary school.  This can be a daunting time for the children and parents but with close links to the local secondary school and transition programmes in place, we try to ensure the children are ready for this change both in their learning and their self-confidence.

Our SATs will take place in the week beginning 14th May so it is important that your child is in school every day of this week.

We look forward to a great term with the children (and staff) striving to be the best they can. 


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