Year Six



We can't believe how quickly the year is flying and that we are now in our last term!  The children are working so hard and are showing us fantastic work as a result.

 Mrs Khanna and Mrs Branigan

We are now approaching the SATs test for the children that will take place during the week of the 14th May.  All exams will take place in the mornings, with the children invited to our annual breakfast club.  During this time (Monday to Thursday), the children will be given a free breakfast and will have time to relax with their friends before they sit the exams.  This has been a real success in the past. 

As much as we try to ensure that the children are as relaxed as they can be before their exams, some will inevitably become anxious or nervous.  Please also assure your child that all they can do is to work their hardest.  Feel free to come to speak to one of us if you have any concerns.

In Year Six, the staff - Mrs Branigan and Mrs Khanna will continue to work closely together as a team to ensure consistent high expectations of learning, behaviour and teamwork and to encourage positive learning attitudes

Our Class Dojos let you know when the children are using these skills to be the best they can be.

Following the SATs, we are looking forward to singing and dancing our way through our production, taking part in a range of sporting activities and enjoying our Topic based around the book 'Goodnight Mr Tom'.  

A large element of Year Six is preparing the children for secondary school.  This can be a daunting time for the children and parents but with close links to the local secondary school and transition programmes in place, we try to ensure the children are ready for this change both in their learning and their self-confidence.

We look forward to a great term.


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