Year Five


Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome back to the spring term 2018

Wow!  Where did that first term go?  The Year 5 team, Miss Woode, Mrs Ridler and Mrs Adams, hope that you all had a fabulous break and are enjoying the new year so far.  We are pleased to welcome the children back and are looking forward to starting our new topics for the term.


The Year 5 team have high expectations of behaviour, learning and enjoyment.  We aim for the classroom environment to be productive, calm and enjoyable.  It is important that the children are aware of boundaries and respect their peers and the adults that work with them.

We will continue with 'Dojo' points this term.  They will be awarded positive Dojos for good behaviour / attitudes and negative Dojos for poor behaviour / attitudes.  You will be kept informed about the Dojos your child received through an APP that you can download to your phones or computers.  The idea is for parents to be able to celebrate and praise positive Dojo awards.  The Dojo points collected can also be converted into prizes!                                                  


In Year 5, we like to learn through lots of hands-on activities - having fun and experiencing learning in a range of ways to make it more memorable. Reading is also a big part of our learning and we use literature to access a wide variety of topics, as well as listening to stories for enjoyment as often as we can. Children are given homework  to help them become more independent in organising their learning, and to give them opportunities to share their learning with their families.      

This term our topic is Europe and North America. We will be using a variety of maps and atlases to develop the children's knowledge and understanding of the world.  We will concentrate on environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries and major cities / landmarks.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to come and speak to one of the members of staff in Year 5.  It is important that we all work together to provide the very best education for you child.


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